Mission, Vision & Objectives


1)To build up a platform for generating play culture in Hong Kong.

2)To build up a network with international play associations.

3)To promote play as an art of uplifiting human spirits and well-being.

4)To enhance "participant-centered" and serve attitude to inspire them in development of their social, intellectual and emotional holistic growth.


To become an educational organization specialized in playing.


1)To promote educational play culture in the society.

2)To build up a network with churches and organizations to integrate games into Bible messages.

3)To establish academic in locals education institutions.

4)To cooperate with organizations for play ideas applications.

5)To network international play associations and related field at overseas setting for indigenous.

6)To publish relevant experience books for record and summary and sharing.

History and Philosophy

As a pioneer in play promotion, Play Ininity encourage a culture that believes in the power of play and brings the joys and benefits of play to more people in Hong Kong and Macau.

Play Infinity was found in May, 1999 in Hong Kong. The organization is established by twoplay enthusiasts, Bonita Kwok and Dr. Winnie, who both share a deep interest in promoting play as ameans of recreation, education, and counselling. Play is a joyous activity that can serve many purposes. The goal of the Play Infinity is to utilize play in one or all of the following ways:

~As an icebreaking process through which participants can open themselves to others and to new experiences;

~As an opportunity for participants to express themselves, release their emotions, and receive support from others in a relaxed environment;

~As a teambuilding experience where participants can learn to work together and care for one another to achieve common goals;

~As a means to promote individual and group growth and development;

~As a stimulus for creativity;

~As a means to develop family relationships; or

~As a means for staff development.

Programs offered by Play Infinity include: staff development programs, exchange studies programs, family bonding programs, large scale carnivals, small thematic play groups, drama programs, arts and crafts programs, and sports/games programs. Play Infinite has worked with schools, corporations, social service agencies, family playgroups, and government agencies to develop customized programs to meet specific needs for participants(both children and adult). Our vision is to become an educational professional organization about play.